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"Who’s been the naughtiest on set this series?" - TATLER interview 1/2

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'What is your dream storyline?' - TATLER interview 2/2

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Downton Abbey Series 5 Cast Interviews 

Who is the naughtiest on set? What’s the weirdest bit of fanmail the cast have every received? Did Hugh Bonneville really lock Allen Leech in a tower?

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Downton Abbey S5

Phyllis Logan & Jim Carter: on series 5 (x)

Phyllis: It's like I never even held your hand.
Jim: I know! Sweetheart, what did I do wrong?
Phyllis: Did it mean nothing to you -- our paddle?
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The Telegraph. Behind the scenes on Series 5


Violet and Isobel, Downton Abbey season 5 (x)

Downton Abbey series 5 - official trailer (x) (part 1)

Mary Crawley & Charles Blake for s5 of Downton Abbey [x]