Michelle Dockery — TCA Portraits, 2014

Joanne Froggatt of “Downton Abbey” poses for a portrait during press day at The Beverly Hilton on Tuesday, July 22, 2014, in Beverly Hills, Calif. Season five of the period drama debuts this fall in the United Kingdom, this winter stateside. (Photo by Casey Curry/Invision/AP) (x)


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Get to Know Me Meme: 5 favorite actresses
↳5/5: Michelle Dockery

Do you have a secret talent? I can whistle through my teeth.

Phyllis Logan during Rob Lowe’s introduction at the 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards

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Tom Cullen and Laura Carmichael at Wimbledon, 2013

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♥︎ favourite female characters:

Elsie Hughes, Anna Bates, Beryl Patmore

"I am so glad you love Violet so much… These nominations keep Violet from kicking the bucket."

— Maggie Smith on her Emmy nomination as Best Supporting Actress for Downton Abbey (x)
"Downton Abbey" collected 12 nominations, the same number it received last year, noted exec producer Gareth Neame. "I’m very thrilled that we’re still received the same tally of nominations given the extraordinary competition. It shows how important the show is to the Academy. They embraced us in the first season. That in the fourth season that we’re still there I couldn’t be more delighted and grateful. I’m delighted, too, that our nominations are spread across actors and below the line — Michelle Dockery is turning into such an important actor. Beloved performances like Maggie Smith are a perennial. And Joanne Froggatt who had such an impactful storyline in the fourth season. We have texted, and she’s absolutely thrilled. We’re working now on season five. We’ve just cut the first five episodes, and it’s all the things audiences love about the show, with new twists, turns and surprises."

— Gareth Neame on Downton Abbey’s Emmy nominations http://variety.com/gallery/emmy-nominations-2014-reactions/#!13/gareth-neame-exec-prodcuer-downton-abbey/ (via connietough)
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Lesley Nicol talks Christmas Special and Medical Detection Dogs on Loose Women July 1, 2014. 

"The room is suddenly alive. ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ is pulsing through the speakers and the ladies of Downton Abbey have started to foot-tap and hip-sway and, in the case of Mrs Hughes the housekeeper, perform an impressive shimmy, arms swinging at her sides, not quite the full Beyoncé, but not far off. Except she isn’t Mrs Hughes today, she’s herself, the actress Phyllis Logan, and for once she gets to wear a posh frock and be in the same room as her mistresses, Ladies Cora, Mary, Edith, Rose."

Harper’s Bazaar UK (August 2014)
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